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I am the youngest of five siblings. Dad was from Winton in far north Queensland and Mum born and bred in Broken Hill where they met, Dad was a shearer and Mum a waitress.​


My father spoke a lot about art, and its importance, although not in an academic way. He would talk about how at school he had been good at it. His sister and brother practiced art and part of me believes it is something that is passed on and in our culture.

We have First Nation heritage on my father’s side, so I like to think this is where my love of painting, land and nature came from. Growing up in Port Augusta, the back beach was our playground including a creek, mangroves and cliffs. Playing with crabs, ants and sleepy lizards and generally using our imagination filled our days.​


I have loved art and the process ever since I can remember, colouring in was a much-loved past time as a child. It was when I was 15 years old my sister and her husband took me to my first oil painting lesson, I have been hooked ever since. I moved to Adelaide in my early twenties and immediately sought out an art class where I could continue learning. I was under the tuition of traditional oil painter Peter Findlay for many years. I also attended courses at Adelaide Central School of Art, Norwood in my twenties, and have recently returned to study a bachelor’s in visual Art. 

After our two sons were born, myself and my neighbour would meet in the back yard and paint.


This is where I was exposed to acrylics. We went on to have joint exhibitions together and were members of TÁrts Collective. ​

After a health scare in 2013 I had more time to explore painting opportunities and was on a mission!


I attended Splashout Art School. Hubert and Mavis, and Atelier at Adelaide Central School of Art. In 2015 the Splashout owners recognised my passion and enthusiasm and I was asked to join their team. I am excited to have also recently joined the teaching staff at Sarah McDonald Art School.


Since 2017 I've been the resident artist at Anderson Hill Winery, Lenswood SA. I also exhibit at Artworx Contemporary Art Gallery in Goolwa SA.


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